How can you improve your home security? Part 1

In South Africa, having a secure home has become a requirement and a crucial component for any homeowner. It goes beyond simply protecting your house from the inside. It should be secured from the outside as well. Your main goal should be to prevent an intruder from entering your property.

Your first line of defence should consist of walls and fences, with fences being the safer option due to their improved visibility. To illuminate the area, combine security lights with motion sensors that are pointed away from your home. However, keep in mind that your lights should be configured to eliminate blind spots and shadows.

home security House with a key

Access and key control

Your security gate needs to be of the highest calibre for both vehicle and pedestrian access. To make sure that your security gate is stable and cannot be lifted off the rails and manually opened by intruders, it is advised that it have an anti-lift device.

For your pedestrian security gate, ensure you have a cylinder or a four lever lock. Since 4 lever lock sets are more resistant to picking than 2 and 3 lever locks, they can be used on doors that need a higher level of security. For security gates with a hasp and staple, choose the correct size padlock that fits without compromising security requirements.

Alarm system and armed response company.

A good deterrent is an alarm system, preferably linked to an armed response company. It is advised to install a siren or alarm on the roof that can be activated by a switch or panic button inside the home and can be heard from a great distance. It is best to install a few switches or panic buttons in various rooms of the house.

All entry points to your home should be protected by your alarm system. The sensors need to be attached to windows, doors, and even sliding glass doors. Beams can be added to the exterior spaces as an additional deterrent.

home security alarm

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