Home Foundation

What is a Home Foundation

The load-bearing portion of a structure, such as your home, is the foundation. It is usually built below ground level and must perform three tasks well. It must support the structure built on top of it as well as keep groundwater out. To put it another way, it acts as a water and soil vapor barrier.

Source https://www.nhbrc.org.za/home-owners-inspection-process/

home foundation
Home Foundation

What is the strongest foundation for a house?

Concrete foundations are the best option when it comes to foundation strength. The foundations of most houses are made of durable materials that can withstand earthquakes and cyclones. As a result, they are frequently constructed of concrete, the most durable building material. Concrete foundations are either poured in place or poured into holes that have been excavated.

How deep should a foundation be for a house in South Africa?

The minimum foundation depth below ground level for a foundation that is not on a rock service should be 400mm for strip footing. The foundation for a slab on the ground is 300mm.

How long do home foundations last?

If built properly, poured concrete block footings and slab foundations should last a lifetime, 80 to 100 years or more. The termite proofing of the foundation will last 12 years if the chemical barriers remain intact. Waterproofing with a bituminous coating that has been properly installed should last for ten years.

How to build house foundation step by step

1.Cleaning the ground
2.Preparing the area
3.Building a frame
4.Mixing and pouring the concrete
5.Finishing touches

brick wall

How soon can bricklaying start on the foundation?

After the concrete has been poured, you must wait 48 hours. The first 500mm of brickwork can be built above the surrounding ground level. After that, thoroughly wet the concrete and backfill your trenches with soil. After seven days, the concrete foundation strips should be strong enough for your walls to be built up to roof level. At this point, the concrete should have reached 60% of its ultimate strength.

Can a house be built without a foundation?

Yes, it is possible to build a house without a foundation, but it is not recommended. Without a foundation, a house will be unstable and prone to collapse. Building codes often stipulate that a house must have a foundation in order to be considered structurally sound.