Leaking Roofs

How to prevent a Leaking Roof?

Most roof leaks are caused by not doing regular maintenance to your home or building. You may be surprised but your roof needs to be to be maintained every year and that can save you on big repairs in the future.

By following a regular maintenance schedule in the summer time by applying a coat of water proofing can  help prevent that unexpected leaks when winter arrives. Water proofing products deteriorate with time and the sun is one of the main causes for maintenance.

leaking roof

How to repair a leaking roof?

The first and most important step is to locate the source of the leak. This might sound easy because you would expect the leak to be on top of the area where the water is leaking through. Water can travel and might be traveling from a completely different area.

After identifying the cause of the leak you need to asses the damage and decide if it is something you are capable of repairing yourself or do you need a contractor?

If it is a small leak and you feel confident that you can repair it yourself for example a leaking joint section or the cause is from roof nail washers.  Then you should start by getting the area that needs to be sealed clean and dry. This is not ideal in the Winter months but it can be done.

When the area or areas are clean and dry you can apply a sealer on the needed sections and let it dry. You will need to monitor the previous leaking areas and repeat the process if the leaks are still not going away.

Their is a lot of sealing product in today’s market and it is recommended you do your own research on the products you decide to use. When it comes to sealing a roof cheaper is not necessarily the better option and in most cases a contractor will be the more time and cost saving option.