Should you be designing your home layout? 

So you are thinking of designing your own home layout. As this might sound like a straight-forward task because of all the information available online, for example, on Youtube and the internet, there are pro’s and con’s. This week we will be diving into the responsibilities that come with this decision. We will start with three examples that you can consider for your home project and provide some guidelines to look out for.

Should you be designing your home layout? 

Doing it yourself

By going with this option, you will make all the decisions and take the responsibilities on yourself. You will be in charge of planning and designing, and you will be doing the labor of the renovations. The project will be on your timeline and you will have that feeling of accomplishment. Costs can be saved on contractor fees and labor overheads. 


  • If done correctly and you have some technical background, you could save yourself some money.
  • There is lots of stress that comes with a project. Remember to put your health first.
  • If done incorrectly, it can become a costly event when you need to hire a professional to redo the work. 
  • Do your research before moving or relocating a wall, as this could damage the structural integrity of your property.
  • Educate yourself with the local building codes as these repairs could cost you even more money to repair.
Should you be designing your home layout? 

Hiring a Subcontractor

If you go with a subcontractor, you will be in charge and you will be the project manager and overseer. It will be your responsibility to hire the necessary subcontractors for the task needed, and you won’t be doing the labor yourself. 


  • Do your research on the contractors you decide to hire. Just because someone has built previously, does not mean they are skilled and reliable. 
  • Look for sound credentials and experience. Get examples of previous completed projects and a portfolio. 
  • Contact the previous referee of your subcontractor and ask the right questions. 
  • create a written contract!


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    You should ask your construction contractor referee five questions. – Leukes Builders

Hiring a General Contractor 

The best option in most cases! You won’t have any stress about needing licenses and insurance. With this option, every part of the project will be handled from start to finish by a professional. A general contractor will take charge and also hire the needed subcontractors when required.

Should you be designing your home layout? 


  • Gather information on a few contractors and have meetings with them.
  • Compare the quotations against each other, but remember that cheaper is not always better.
  • Find the most professional and trustworthy contractor and contact their referee.
  • Make sure the contractor is insured and licensed and ask for a copy of the contract. 
  • Ask about the time frame, when they will start and what date the project will be completed.
  • Enquire about payment when it will be due. An example of this would be a deposit before hand and if the payments will be in installments as the project progresses. 
  • Agree on a starting date and off we go!

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