Home Builder vs Contractor

A Home Builder, in general, employs workers who can perform all of the necessary roles to complete the construction work, whereas a Contractor is an organisation that already has a team assembled to handle their building projects.


So which one to choose between Home Builder vs Contractor?


Home Builder

Home builder

A Home Builder is a company whose business is the construction of new and private homes. When choosing a Home Builder it might be more desirable because they will complete the project from A to Z (start to finish). You as the client would also benefit if you prefer a more hands on relationship because you are able to customise your building plans according to your needs.
Home Builders must have extensive building knowledge because they must supervise and manage a large number of professional and skilled artisans. This ensures that the project is finished to a high standard. Plumbers, electricians, painters, builders, and architects are just a few examples of skilled artisans.

Pros of using a Home Builder

  • Client focused
  • Experience
  • Custom plans – will create a design based more on your needs
  • Will complete project from start to end

Cons of using a Home Builder

  • Delays may occur should workers not be available.



A Contractor usually manages and employs subcontractors. They can, however, work as a Home Builder as well. They have the tools available to perform work required on many different projects and this also assists with better budget control.
Contractors have direct contact with the customer, they are your single point of communication. They plan and coordinate projects and ensure that they are completed within the time frame specified. Building permit applications, site surveying, on-site personnel management, and property security are all part of their job.

Pros of using a Contractor

  • Saves you time
  • Extensive amount of knowledge
  • Single communication point
  • Better budget control
  • Have the correct tools needed for projects

Cons of using a Contractor

  • May be expensive depending on the services that are required


So which one to choose when it comes to Home Builder vs Contractor? There are advantages to using either a Home Builder or a Contractor depending on the work that needs to be done. Prices, time, and skills all have significant advantages that can benefit you. A Home Builder will fit the bill for a more custom design, and depending on your budget, a Contractor may be your best option.

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