Home renovations that add value part 2

This week we will be continuing with part 2 of what home renovations add the most value. Last week we mentioned minor kitchen remodeling, renovating a bathroom, garage door replacement, and updating your light fixtures. This week we will be giving you a few more ideas.

Home renovations that add value part 2

Replacement of windows and window frames

If your current windows are old, damaged or even falling apart, it might be a good idea to replace the entire window and frames. It will help with your home’s marketability and assist with making the sale smoother.

Byers might see worn and damaged window frames as if the property has been neglected, and this could negatively impact your home’s market value.

If windows are damaged, for example, glass, latches, locks, and springs, have them replaced.

Check for drafty windows; this can be caused by latches or guides that are faulty.

Adding an addition to your current home

Home additions are generally a good idea because they increase your square footage and raise your home’s value. You can also renovate a garage into an office or a living space to add value to already built areas.

Another idea is to convert an open carport into a closed garage.In many cases, adding a garage to a home could increase the value of your property.

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Home renovations that add value part 2

Installing or updating your home's air conditioning system.

Lots of new buyers are looking for a comfortable living experience with minimal clutter. Having a home that is fitted with air conditioning will assist with heating and cooling throughout the year. Having air conditioning also saves space and the decluttering of fans standing around and hanging out of the ceiling. With today’s technology, air conditioners are much more energy efficient as well.

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