What is better carpets or tiles?

When deciding between carpets and tiles, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to consider. Tiles are more durable, easier to clean, water resistant, and allergy-free. The advantage of carpets is that they keep your house warmer in the winter and give you a much cozier look and feel. Is it cheaper to Carpet or Tile […]

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Rubble Removal Near Me?

Contact Leukes Builders for all your Rubble Removal services. We have a team ready to assist with all your building and rubble removal needs. What is considered rubble?   Rubble can be defined as any unusable items, such as broken appliances or waste accumulated during renovations, construction projects, or garden upkeep.   The most common

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Home Builder vs Contractor

A Home Builder, in general, employs workers who can perform all of the necessary roles to complete the construction work, whereas a Contractor is an organisation that already has a team assembled to handle their building projects.   So which one to choose between Home Builder vs Contractor?   Home builder A Home Builder is

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Existing Homes vs New Homes

When it comes to choosing between new homes and existing homes, there are many differences to consider, as well as benefits and drawbacks. New Homes One of the primary advantages of buying a new house over a used or existing house is that everything from the foundation to the ceiling is brand new. That usually

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